A Story of Bengal Artisans' Art and Craft: A Look at Bengali Life and Survival

Dasakarma - Life and livelihood of Bengal

Blacksmiths - Kamar

They not only create functional art but also promote sustainable practices and preserve cultural heritage, showcasing tradition's resilience and artistic expression.

Brass craft - Karigor

Bengal's copper and brass artisans have a rich history, specializing in intricate crafting of various products, preserving and elevating their skills over generations.

Cane work - Bet Karigor

Bengal has some of the most skilled cane workers in the world. They use the cane to braid, shape, and mould it into a variety of goods. 

Handmade Cotton craft - Wick Solte

Cotton wicks are essential in traditional oil lamps, providing a peaceful and warm ambiance. 

Paper craft

Paper Craft, featuring Chandmalas and paper fans, bridges devotion, tradition, and artistry, showcasing Bengal's cultural heritage and enduring creativity of its people.

Potter - Kumor

Artisan communities foster a supportive environment for artisans to learn and grow, passing down knowledge and skills through generations.

Begnali Calender Panchali and Panjika Printer

The Bengali Panjika, Panchali, and Bengali calendar are crucial for preserving traditions, guiding religious practices.

Stone Craft

These craftsmen create a vivid tapestry of Bengal's cultural identity in addition to creating lovely items. 

Sankha craft

Bengal's artisans play a crucial role in preserving tradition by preserving ancient art forms and ensuring the cultural heritage of the region.

Shola craft

Bengal's small-scale industry craftsmen live and work in a way that celebrates their creativity, culture, and sense of community.

Misti shilpa

Most of these traditional delicacies are on the sweeter side and over the years have become an integral part of festive cuisine in Bengal

Wood craft

Bengal, an ethnic group rich in history and tradition, honours the sacred union of marriage in a distinctive and creative way.

Zari work

Zari work

Zari embroidery, a cultural tradition in Bengal, is not just used for wedding gowns but also in festivals and celebrations.

Handloom textile

The Gamchha and Karival Gorod Saree, two traditional handwoven fabrics are nearing extinction, symbolizing rural Bengal's heritage and fading into obscurity.


Jute artisans in Bengal create intricate products using raw jute fibers, supporting eco-friendly choices  who are the custodians of Bengal's jute legacy.

 By adopting traditional goods, buyers support not only environmentally conscious choices but also the livelihoods of these talented artists who are the keepers of Bengal's artistic and craft traditions.

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