1000 threads woven, 100 dreams realized,  10 days of stay,  1 Goddess revered.  Dive into the emotional tapestry of autumn's artistry.

7 days of exquisite artistic creation during the Durga Puja festival

Kumortuli Potter

The artisans of Kumortuli, their dedication and artistic prowess brings communities together in reverence and celebration during Durga Puja

Pandal workers

Building Dreams:  Meet  the Skilled Hands  Behind Bengali Durga Pujo's  Mandap Pandal

A Stroke of Tradition: The Legacy of Shola and Chalchitra Artisans in Bengali Durga Pujo

Shola and  Chalchitra artisan

Zari Craftsmen & Brass Artisans

Bengali artisans craft powerful weapons for Goddess Durga, a tradition cherished during Durga Pujas, showcasing their skill and commitment.

The indigenous and ethnic touch is evident in the clay carving of the Durga festival Idols, clothes, hair, and jewellery.

Purohit and  helpers




Flowers, Fruits & Sweets

Posters & Flyers

Dress, Bags, Shoes, Jewellery

Food Stalls

Street Hawkers

This festival is the biggest festival in West Bengal. Apart from 'Barir Pujo' there were about 3,500 'Barowari pujas' in Kolkata last year

Every year, the Durga Puja event presents opportunities for financial fulfillment.