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10 powerful weapons of divine strength: The Divine Arsenal of Goddess Durga

Trishul (Trident) : represents three fundamental qualities of existence - purity, activity, and inertia. In Durga's hands, it signifies her ability to maintain cosmic order and destroy evil forces.

Chakra (Discus)  : The chakra is a reminder that everything in existence eventually returns to its source. With this weapon, Durga can cut through ignorance and delusion.

Shankha, or Conch Shell, symbolizes the primordial sound of creation, Aum, and when blown, it resonates with divine frequency, awakening the spirit and invoking the inner goddess.

Kharga (Sword): represents the power to cut through falsehood and ignorance. It is a reminder that truth will always prevail, even in the face of adversity.

Gada (Mace): signifies the force of righteousness and moral order. Durga uses it to crush the wicked and uphold justice. 

Parashu (Battle-axe): represents the divine ability to sever attachments and free the soul from the cycle of birth and death.

Bow and Arrow: symbolize focus and precision. Durga's aim is unerring, and she uses it to harness the latent power within us all and unleash it for good.

Sula (Lance): signifies the power of concentration and determination. With it, Durga pierces the hearts of her devotees, awakening their inner strength.

The  red Lotus bud that Durga is holding in her right hand is a symbol that she will make it bloom by eliminating negativity.

The Vajra (thunderbolt). It signifies firmness of character, determination, and supreme power. It enables her to stay completely focused while destroying enemies - as a thunderbolt.