How kachuri creates a morning in Bengal – 10 Kolkata kochuri hotspots

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10 Kolkata kochuri hotspots is here
Bengalis favourite Karaishutir Kachuri on winter morning

“Embark on a Flavorful Journey: 10 Fantastic Spots for Bengali Breakfast and Kochuri in Kolkata!


From the bustling lanes of Bara Bazaar to the traditional confectionery stores, Kolkata has much to offer foodies. Enjoy the many variations of kachuri, a deep-fried snack, and the delicious aloo torkari. Discover Bengali breakfast dishes on this culinary journey and learn why they are incomparable in every way.

Kachuri jilipi in the morning and singara in the afternoon are popular dishes at sweet shop
Kachuri aloor torkari

Since all of these foods—including kachori, Radhaballavi, curries, and a variety of sweets—are classified as vegetarian, their availability in the food stores in front of all the temples is inevitable. It is traditional to break the fast with this kachori after offering puja in the temple and fasting.


Kachuri jilipi in the morning and singara in the afternoon are popular dishes at sweet shops. Like Momo and Maggi in hilly areas, its vivid presence is still discernible at ordinary neighbourhood intersections, in front of bus stops, railway stations, beach shops, hospitals, and office neighbourhoods.

What is Kachuri made of?

There are several different kachuri types available in Kolkata, each with a distinctive filling and flavour. The most popular type is called “Radhaballavi,” and it consists of a light, fluffy bread filled with a spicy lentil or gramme dal combination. The “Hing-er Kachuri” is another well-known variation that uses asafoetida (hing) to infuse the dough with a distinct flavour.


Other mouthwatering choices include “Koraishutir Kochuri” (stuffed with green peas), “Dhokar Dalna” (curry prepared from lentil patty), and “Aloor Dum and Kachuri” (served with hot potato curry). Each variety attracts food enthusiasts with its aromatic flavours and varied textures, providing a unique gastronomic experience.

One must enter the bustling streets and vibrant neighbourhoods of the city to truly understand Kolkata’s Kachuri. For fans of Kachuri, the famed Tiretta Bazaar in the centre of the city is a refuge. Many street vendors and small cafes can be found here, serving scorching hot kachuris with a variety of mouthwatering fillings.

10 Kolkata kochuri hotspots best bengali breakfast

Bengalis favourite local kachuri shops

Shyambazar, renowned for its unique Kachuri stores and traditional breakfast establishments, is another must-see place. College Street, Gariahat, and Park Street, a famed centre for street cuisine, are some additional well-liked Kachuri tourist attractions. No matter where you go in Kolkata, you will undoubtedly find a secret gem serving delectable kachuri.

Not all sweet shops in Kolkata sell kachuri. Some sell only on Sundays, and some sell every day. There are some kachuri shops that sell only kachuri all day long.

Each Bengali has a particular favourite kachuri shop. To take the kachuri, there has been a crowd since the morning. There are occasionally lengthy lineups. The fact that there are so many kachuri outlets spread around Kolkata is largely due to this appeal to the dish.

Kachuri In south kolkata

Maharani: This store, located at 174 Sarat Bose Road (across from the Landsdowne petroleum pump), is well-known among foodies in the city. Here, the flavour of steaming potatoes combined with the sharpness of spicy asafoetida is unmatched.

Maharaja: The shop located on Sarat Bose Road, next to Deshpriya Park, likewise delicious. This store’s Hing Er Kochuri is well-known. With it, there is potato curry. In addition to kachuri, this restaurant sells jillipi, singara, and tea.

Tasty Corner: Another store called Tasty Corner in Ekadalia, South Kolkata, is a must-visit for Kachuri. This store is known for its kachuri recipe by both local residents and school children in the area. In addition to asafoetida, other flavors such as curry, paneer and other flavored kachuri are also available at this store.

Sri Hari Mistanna Bhandar: This shop is located opposite the Bhavanipur ps. The legendary Bengali sweet shop, which is over 105 years old, is famous for its kachuris. There are two types of kachuris sold in the morning: ‘Gutke’, five small kachuris filled with dal and deep fried in hard oil, plus halwa.

Satyanarayan Mistanna Bhandar: Near the wireless gate of Taliganj, the kachuri-cholla dal of ‘Satyanarayan Misthanna Bhandar’ on Chandi Ghosh Road is blown away every morning.

Some nonbengali shops in the South Kolkata like Kachuri-Tarkari of ‘Gupta Brothers’ at Gurusday Junction, Sharma of Ballyganj Phari, Haldiram of Exide junction, Tewari Brothers of Camac Street, Annaras of Shakespeare Sarani, not only the Kachuri-Tarkari, but also the cooking medium, the manner of serving, the polite behavior of the server, the ambience of the shop. — All in all, it’s very comfortable.

The flavour of asafoetida overpowers the flavour and scent of the stuffing in those Kachuris, and the curry is primarily salty with little to no sweetness. Aside from that, non-Bengali Kachuri is frequently fairly thick.


In North Kolkata

Deshbandhu sweet shop:  It is located at the corner of Biddon Street, near Gharibari, “Deshbandhu” Maniktala Bazar.

Walking west from Gharibari, it takes less than 200 metres to get to Club Kachuri at the New Gupta Sweets at the intersection of Rammohan Sarani and Vivekananda Road, after passing through a jorashanko gate opposite to Girish Park, and then taking a few steps down Madan Chatterjee Lane. In the morning, this restaurant provides Gutke, and in the afternoon, it serves the regular Kachuri with a potato curry with skin.

Gitika: Go south from Gharibari, and within 400 yards on Sukiya Street is the Kachuri-lovers’ great pilgrimage, ‘Gitika’. Asafoetida throughout the year and curry beans in winter.

Gada Kachuri in Hatibagan Bazar, Shibe and Madan Shop in Hedua, and Haryana Sweets, on the way from Kankurgachi Junction to Phulbagan, Kachuri in Srihari’s Shop at Shyambazar Junction will get potato curry with skins; Kachuri-Alur Dum at Patla’s Shop at Bagbazar; at Puntiram at College Street/Radhabalvi Chholar Dal; Srikrishna opposite Regal Cinema at SN Banerjee Road; and Green Chilli Chutney with Kachuri at the adjacent shop.


“A Kochuri Adventure in Kolkata’s Charming Neighborhoods – Bengalis favourite  breakfast with a cup of darjeeling tea”
Bara Bazar Kachori shops

Chhangani Bhujia Bhandar
Badri Ki Kachori
Chunnilal Bhujiawala
Raju Kachori Waley
Kanhaiya Kachori Shop
Bhikharam Chandmal
Rashmi Sweet and Kachori Shop
Khuro Mahasay (খুড়োমহাশয়)
Koushal kachori
Chunnilal Bhujiawala
Indumati sweets
Potol Babur kachori shop
Jay Ambika Bhujiyawala
Sufia Restaurant

Barra Bazaar Kochuri map Kolkata

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